Bluebella teams up with Ashish for the best couture lingerie range

October 11 — Bluebella, the London-based lingerie brand has teamed up with Ashish for a couture lingerie collection launching today. King of all sequins and a pioneer of demi-couture with tongue-in-cheek messages, Ashish’s bold, glamorous and colorful aesthetic is fully infused into Bluebella’s bold designs – the result? A bold line of lingerie, shirts, body jewelry and hoodies that champion inclusivity, individualism and exceptional style that transcends seasons.

Showcasing Ashish’s signature glitter and rainbow colors, this 16-piece capsule collection (including a limited-edition garment bag) is driven by the idea of ​​accessible tailoring, with the campaign photographed inside. iconic Working Men’s Club in Bethnal Green, London. The photoshoot juxtaposes the gritty decor with the unapologetic attitude of both labels, foregrounding a lively, lively vibe.

Emily Bendell, Founder and CEO of Bluebella, talks about the collaboration: “Ashish and Bluebella are both brands from Hackney (a borough in east London) with a pioneering voice that continually challenges our approach to sexuality and diversity, so there was a really natural connection. Bendell adds, “Ashish is very interested in lingerie as a category and we wanted to explore embellishment, so there was a synergy in the design as well. I loved working with Ashish, every meeting started with getting the world back together for the first half hour!

Ashish, whose work has been exhibited at the V&A Museum and the Met, agrees: “I’ve always had an interest in underwear and lingerie codes and it’s been really great to work with Bluebella to create a collection that explores that side of fashion and apparel. Aside from his love of tongue-in-cheek slogans, the designer didn’t think the message would be ‘quite as relevant’ when he designed it.” This is a manifestation’ [as seen on chemises and hoodies] kind of sums up how I feel about so many things right now.

“His [Ashish’s] to create meaningful political statements and commentary without ever losing a sense of fun and optimism” is one of the reasons Bendell chose to partner with the designer, as “he shares our interest in challenging norms around sensuality and diversity”.

Asked more about the inspiration and messages behind this collection, Bendell said, “We wanted the collection to have meaning; mixing mischief with the commentary of the world. The collection was conceived long before the start of the war in Ukraine, but the slogan “World Peace” now has a whole new meaning. As a result, the brand will donate 10% of profits from the sale of World Peace hoodies and shirts to the charity Women for Refugee Women.

“It was also important for us to create a collection of memorabilia pieces with limitless styling possibilities.” adds Bendell.

Now that the pandemic seems truly over, what are Bendell and Ashish’s views on the post-pandemic fashion world?

Ashish doesn’t hesitate: “Even though sometimes it feels like we’re going back to pre-pandemic levels of roller coaster fast fashion, I’m still working at my own pace. I like to think that post-pandemic we are more aware and certainly have more conversations about issues like slow fashion and diversity.

Bendell adds, “We’ve seen a real shift from comfort to stunning pieces at the top of our bestseller lists and I can see this trend mirroring itself in other categories. I think it’s a combination of coming out of lockdown and finding a little relief from the disturbing world events that are unfolding. Our customers crave design, color and drama in their lingerie. »

And that’s exactly what the Bluebella x Ashish collection will deliver. The limited edition drop is now available to purchase at

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