The five hottest beauty tweaks on the market

The world of aesthetics is becoming more and more nuanced, delicate and imperceptible. The adjustments – popularized in the early 2010s as a middle ground between surgery and a thorough facial – are now so subtle that it can be nearly impossible to tell if someone has visited Harley Street.

Previously, the desired effect was perceptible change, perfection and permanence: skin without pores, smooth and expensive; groomed eyebrows and Bambi-like lashes. From now on, the emphasis is on what is called on social networks the “clean” look: scrupulously hydrated skin, fluffy eyebrows, good looks and awake eyes. Here are the treatments that the world’s most affluent (and radiant) swear by…

The lighter facelift
Morpheus 8 is a unique type of skin tightening treatment that uses microneedling combined with radio frequency to achieve a lifting effect. “It delivers energy deep into the skin in short bursts using micro-needles, tightening and lifting deep layers through collagen stimulation,” says aesthetic doctor Dr. David Jack. Morpheus 8 is one of the few treatments on the market that can penetrate deep (1mm to 4mm) into the skin without risking pigmentation or loss of facial volume. It also works on the body – for acne and pregnancy scars. Each session requires a 60 minute preparation, where the face is numbed using a pain relieving gel, but the treatment itself takes 20 minutes. It’s uncomfortable, but the only downtime is a few hours of redness. £1,250 per session for full face and neck (two to three sessions usually required) at Dr. David Jack Clinic; also available for £950 at Doctor Barbara Sturm

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Injectable moisturizer
A kind of filler cousin, Nucleofill is a type of biostimulator that hydrates and plumps the skin. Instead of adding volume, this injectable hydrating and brightening agent deeply renews the delicate eye area. “It’s the perfect solution for someone who wants to improve skin texture and tone. To help depuff, hydrate and improve the look of dark circles in the eye area, there’s nothing another like that,” says oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Maryam Zamani. Eyes are brighter, brighter, and more vivid. Downtime can be up to 72 hours to allow any bruises to subside. £850 per syringe (two to three treatments, two weeks apart, regularly) at The Clinic by Dr. Maryam Zamani

The modern front
Lamination, a kind of eyebrow perm, has eclipsed microblading as a fashionable treatment. The hair is relaxed with a solution that makes it more manageable, before it’s brushed and put in place, giving that fluffy, boyish look without the pomade. “Lamination is such a natural, youthful way to accentuate brows,” says Sophia, a technician with a months-long waiting list who goes by the nickname Sophia Brows. “It adds fullness and a polished finish,” she says. With results lasting up to six weeks, there’s no downtime or pain. From £135 at Sophie Eyebrows; £80 to Shavata Eyebrows

The next generation laser
Debbie Thomas’ bespoke cocktail of lasers is a closely guarded secret, with each patient receiving a unique blend tailored to their skin.

The DNA laser facial provides the brightening benefits of a peel without the actual peel and can help stimulate collagen production, diffuse pigmentation and give skin a more even glow. “My clients want to look good, not different,” says Thomas. “We are starting to see more patients in the clinic who have tried more aggressive treatments but are coming back to our way of thinking because they realize they have compromised the health and clarity of their skin for immediate gratification. ” Most people will need at least three sessions, spaced three to six weeks apart, and refill sessions every three months. Downtime is minimal, with little to no downtime for the most part. From £455 per 55 minute treatment at Clinic D Thomas

The healing solution
A multi-factor treatment that uses both ultra-fine needles and radio frequency, Potenza offers all the rejuvenating benefits of microneedling with an added firming and smoothing effect. “The combination of the two promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which revitalizes the skin,” explains Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. “It is a treatment that can be performed on all types and all skin tones, both on the face and on the body.” Particularly good for banishing acne or surgical scars, it’s a little higher on the grimace factor, but numbing cream is applied. The downtime is about three days, but Dr. Alexandrides says the results are worth it: “It’s become one of my favorite non-invasive treatments.” £2,300 for a course of five sessions at 111 Harley Street

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