Pong Heroes announces the launch of the first ever Pong Heroes tournament

Edmonton, Alberta, Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pong Heroes, a tribute to the very first legendary game, has announced the launch of the first-ever Pong Heroes tournament with nearly $10,000 up for grabs. Looking back over the past two years, one thing is certain, blockchain technology has shown its promising effects on the explosive growth of Web3 gaming. Throughout 2021, game after game, record performances have been on display; with the decline of the market in 2022, every major player in the gaming industry saw an opportunity to build; and in 2023, nothing but another bull run of the game can be expected. Cue: Pong Heroes, an experienced team building something very special.

CEO and young business professional, Henri Eiche, said, “Pong Heroes is the reintroduction of the very first legendary game on the blockchain; referring to the game as “a simple and addictive game with a social aspect to bring people together”. This homage to the classic game that so many know and love is just the tip of the iceberg. Pong Heroes uses blockchain technology to leverage three major benefits that Web2 gamers have been deprived of: asset ownership, interoperability, and the ability to earn income while simply playing a game.

The introduction of new and exciting game mechanics, such as power-ups, pets and level obstacles, enables a new depth of strategies and competitive multiplayer gameplay, positioning Pong Heroes as a dominant force in the markets. mobile games and casual games. But the Pong Heroes team didn’t stop there, seeking to accentuate the power of the community, the project is building a 2.5D-style metaverse called “Digital Virtual Rooms”. In this component, players will be able to explore their surroundings and interact with other players, initiating battle in the 2D Pong Heroes mini-game.

This iteration of gameplay and a metaverse environment is the first step in a powerful process of ongoing release and development. CMO, Mark Voronov, said that “while we intend to dominate the mobile and casual games market with fun and simple gameplay, we are aware of what the big players in this space are doing. To expand our audience and provide the best possible user experiences to a wide range of players, we are also building a 3D metaverse model in our digital virtual rooms, with this additional mini games will come including an FPS style game we are working on , which is family-friendly and very innovative.

With major triple-A studios dipping into the Web3 ecosystem, this experienced team knows exactly how to stay ahead of the game. Other core team members: CTO, David Ryabchikov; CCO, Anthony Francis; and CAO, Melanie D have many resumes in the Web3 space having led extraordinarily successful game and NFT projects. One such project was the innovative racing game, Coinracer, which peaked at a valuation of $65 million, exemplifying the team’s ability to bring innovation to the web3 gaming market.

In addition to the perfect business model and roadmap for the project, the team is very active and engaging in the Web3 gaming communities. Establishing key opinion leader roles in the space, the team often participates in AMAs and Twitter spaces where gamers and game developers come together to discuss the future of the Web3 gaming space. A recent example is the Play-to-Learn GameFiganza which brought together around 300 project managers and Web3 game enthusiasts, which included representatives from partner projects such as: Big Time, Undead Blocks, Coinracer Reloaded and Blockstars.

To participate in the tournament, go to: https://pong-tournaments.web.app

To learn more about Pong Heroes, visit: www.pongheroes.io

Twitter: www.twitter.com/pongheroes

Telegram: www.t.me/pongheroes

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